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From 1996 thru 2010 Alexander's Hot Tape Studio was the creative outlet of his electronic music. In 2010, OBUKHOVAUDIO was created as an outlet for distributing his latest works and new electronic music studio.

Obukhovaudio: Electronic studio. Composer of electronic music in the genres Berlin School, Ambient, Soundscapes.

The founder of the project is to Alexander Obukhov author of more than 40 albums of electronic music. In 1996 Alexander created a studio for himself to create his electronic music - Hot Tape Studio in which works to 2010. After 2010 created his own studio - OBUKHOVAUDIO to be able to create and distribute his own electronic music.

The Obukhov length is used to describe the effects of buoyancy on turbulent flows, particularly in the lower tenth of the atmospheric boundary layer. It was first defined by Alexander Obukhov in 1946. It is also known as the Monin–Obukhov length because of its important role in the similarity theory developed by Monin and Obukhov. A simple definition of the Monin-Obukhov length is that height at which turbulence is generated more by buoyancy than by wind shear. The Obukhov length is defined by.

David Bowie’s 25th and final studio album, released two days before his death, Blackstar feels like a knowing final nod to the world, a parting gift for fans – and Bowie at some of his inventive best. Most 69 year-old rock legends would have been content with releasing a suite of comfy, head-nodding numbers to end their career, but that wasn’t Bowie’s way: Blackstar is all spiky art-rock with whiffs of jazz and electronica, a galaxy away from easy listening. But with Bowie’s longtime producer Tony Visconti at the controls, it’s an impeccable joy for the ears.

To Catch Up The Star 01:01:46nnRecorded: 2004 - 2006 at HOT TAPE Studio by Alexander ObukhovnInsments: Ensoniq SQ1, Cakewalk Project 5, AudioMulch . b, FL Studio 4, Reason ., Storm 2, Project 5, Orion 5, Samplitude . nnRe-mastered at OBUKHOVAUDIO in January 2016nAcon Digital DeVerberate . 0 & Verberate .

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