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Harvey Saphon - Equally Tempered Scale EP album

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Album · 2011 · 3 Songs. Sliding Scale (Lorenzo D'Ianni Remix). Released: 10 Mar 2011. 2011 Bosphorous Underground Recordings.

Hence the tempered scale - all notes equally out of tune and you can modulate anywhere. And people are so used to hearing these out of tune notes that the pure ratios sound "bad" to them. I've had people freak out and tell me I'm talking nonsense when I try to explain this. Denial is a terrible thing. If you want pure harmonics - you'll need a synth that can load tuning files. Try Just Intonation and the many variations of tuning you can find. They all have different compromises, different colours and different weaknesses.

The equal tempered scale divides each octave range (frequency ratio of 2:1) into 12 half steps such that every two adjacent notes have equal frequency ratios. The ratio between any two adjacent notes on this scale is the twelfth root of two or about . 6:1. An equal tempered scale consists of two whole steps (frequency ratio . 2:1), a half-note (frequency ratio . 6:1), three whole steps, and a half-step. The eight tuning forks resonate at natural frequencies that coincide with the frequencies of the natural notes on the equal tempered scale. Made of aluminum alloy.

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Replace Album with EP, Single, Mixtape. etc. when appropriate. For music you or someone close to you (eg. friend, sibling) created (see Reddit's guidelines on self promotion). 4 - Any news submission should be the most up to date story at the time and the original source. Writing about loss of love, filicide, biblical imagery, and more, it may be Harvey's most conceptually dense album. Direct references are made several times to Captain Beefheart. The instrumentals here are gritty and gloomy, containing organs, acoustic guitars, keyboards, strings, bells, chimes, and a vibraphone.

Musical scale - For psychoacoustic scale, see bark scale and mel scale. Chromatic scale - Qualities Number of pitch classes 12 Maximal evenness Degenerate well formed collection The chromatic scale is a musical scale with twelve pitches, each a semitone apart. Interval (music) - For the album by See You Next Tuesday, see Intervals (album). Melodic and harmonic intervals.


1 Loom Gale 4:30
2 Semi Somnolent 6:21
3 Decampment 5:02
4 Stix 4:58

Harvey Saphon - Equally Tempered Scale EP album
Techno, IDM, Minimal
Performer: Harvey Saphon
Title: Equally Tempered Scale EP
Category: Electronic
Released: 2007
Rating: 4.6/5
Votes: 942