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Third Floor, Ruby Cubed - Go On / How To Be (Dangerous) album

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Western Animation, Ruby Gloom. Ambiguously Human: Ruby. She seems to be the only human in the cast, but maybe she is a living doll. Amusing Injuries: Misery is always hit by lightning, only to say "ouch" and come back ten seconds later in best shape. Inverted in one episode, where Misery isn't hurt at all-the other characters are getting hurt instead. Ruby gets her own taste of pain in "Disaster Becomes You" when she has Misery's bad luck and in "I'll Be Home for Misery" when Misery's cousin Mayhem gives her a strong handshake. The closest was the episode Ruby Cubed where Skull Boy obtained a magic hat that made Iris and Misery fall in love with him (and strangely has no effect at all on Ruby). No Romantic Resolution: Ruby and Skull Boy never admit to their mutual crush. Nonverbal Miscommunication: A Running Gag with Doom Kitty.

Ruby Gloom Season 1 Ruby Cubed. Skull Boy puts on a magical hat that makes him talk like a Shakespearean actor which makes Iris and Misery fall in love with him. In fact, they love Skull Boy so much that they won't stop stalking him. Skull Boy then goes to Ruby and asks her to help him figure out a way to make the other girls leave him alone.

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At the time of Dangerous, Michael Jackson's universal popularity was on par with pizza and the polio vaccine. It was the last time that Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson. I said, ‘Look, Michael, if you want to do something with me, you have to be willing to go all the way or I’m not going to do i. His engineers remember her visiting him once at the studio, where they spent a little time in his private room in the back. When I asked Michael later about her visit he said that she ‘scared’ him, his engineer Rob Disner later said. Dangerous has its flaws. The ballads on the back (non-Riley) half of the album could pass for gospel renditions of Celine Dion schmaltz. Despite its noble message and Jackson’s statement that it was the song he was most proud of writing, Heal the World is essentially We Are The World Pt.

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A1 Third Floor Go On (Remix) 6:27
A2 Third Floor Go On (Album Mix) 3:14
B Ruby Cubed How To Be (Dangerous) 9:48

Third Floor, Ruby Cubed - Go On / How To Be (Dangerous) album
Performer: Third Floor
Title: Go On / How To Be (Dangerous)
Category: Electronic
Released: 2000
Rating: 4.1/5
Votes: 288
Other Formats: FLAC AUD RA MP4 MPC MP2 VQF